19 January - 1 February 2015
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Put yourself on court with ReturnServe. From analysing returns on the court to measuring social sentiment. Data is a game changer. IBM.

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Na Li
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Q.  Quite a comprehensive victory.  Do you think it's good preparation heading into the semifinal?
LI NA:  Of course.


Q.  In terms of time spent on the court and your opponent.  It was quite a one sided victory.
LI NA:  Of course, I mean, I think everyone want to win the Grand Slam.  But first you have to be semis, right?

Yeah, I was really happy.


Q.  Can you talk about how psychologically the second week of a slam, how it's different from the first week.
LI NA:  More, how you say, if you come to semis or come to second week, more people even more interesting about you, especially when you practice.  More people come to see you, what you do.

Maybe like first week so many player in there.  So, yeah, I think more attention around you.

For me, I always try to do the same when start first match until the end.


Q.  Looked like at match point you kind of smiled over to Carlos.
LI NA:  No, I didn't smile, okay (smiling)?  After match I smile.


Q.  Carlos looked like he was very happy to see you do something on match point.  What was that exchange about?
LI NA:  I mean, at least I do what I'm say.  So, yeah, I guess before the match we talk a lot.  We prepare for a long time what I should do on the court.

So at least I think he saw that I tried to do, maybe like serve volley.  I lose the point, but at least I try to do.

So, yeah, I think he was happy about that.


Q.  You didn't do it on match point, though.
LI NA:  But at least I come to the net, right (smiling)?


Q.  You said Carlos was angry after the Safarova match.  What did you tell you to do differently?
LI NA:  I mean, he didn't tell me what I should do.  He just asked me like, What do you want?  Why you do this?

Like after three question, I was feeling he already punching me down already.  So I was like, Okay, I should do something, otherwise I think he was so pissed.  Yeah.

So that's why I start next day prepare.  Start next day I try to do what I'm say, because before I always promising, I will try to do, I will try to do, but I never do.

I think this is why match was turn around.


Q.  When you played the final in Roland Garros, we were told there were in front of the state TV in China 120 million Chinese looking at you.  Do you know if now the number has increased?  Are there more?
LI NA:  Sorry, I can't tell you because I'm still in Australia.  I'm not in China.  I don't know.  You should ask the Chinese in here.  They have lots of Chinese familles.


Q.  We're all a product of family.  Earlier this tournament, Victoria spoke about her grandmother.  Maria spoke about her grandmother.  Can you talk about your grandparents a little bit.
LI NA:  There are no more people.  They are not interesting about any sport.  I think this is the different.

Even my mom, she know I was tennis player, but she never come to watch I was play.  She really didn't interesting about the sport.  Even I play Olympics in China, in Beijing, she even didn't come.

I invite her so many time.  She's like, No, I'm not interesting.  I say, Okay, go home.  Stay home.


Q.  Does that hurt you in a way?  Would you like her to come at some point?
LI NA:  No, I think because she didn't have big heart to watch play.  Maybe if I play match, maybe make her nervous.

She can choose which way is best for her, yeah.


Q.  You said that you have eight different racquets.  How do you tell them apart if they're numbered one, two, three...
LI NA:  No, I mean, when I was play, I never see the number, yeah.  Because the Babolat make exactly the same racquet for me, so I don't have to choose which one I prefer.


Q.  Were you surprised how dominant you were today?
LI NA:  I think I prepare for at least like one and a half day to prepare for this match.  I know she was a tough opponent because I was play her four time.  Every time was like tough, you know.

I don't know what happen today.  Maybe I just play so well.  And, yeah, or maybe I try to prepare for the match before I come to the court.  I think for sure I have the tough time, so yeah.


Q.  You were joking that Flavia is a day older than you.
LI NA:  Yeah.


Q.  How do you know that?
LI NA:  Information (smiling).


Q.  Do you know how old everyone is?
LI NA:  No, no, no, I only focus who is older than me because in the tour, not so many player was older than me, yeah.


Q.  So you know every one?
LI NA:  I know most older me, the player.  I know all of them, yeah (smiling).


Q.  I think you missed the first backhand after 28 minutes.  That never happens or is normal?
LI NA:  So I should improve for next match.  Next match I will try after 30 minutes.


Q.  Are you planning to visit Argentina with Carlos in the future?
LI NA:  Play with him in Argentina?


Q.  To visit Argentina.
LI NA:  He has a tennis academy in Beijing, you know, so I can training with him in Beijing.  Argentina for me is little bit far, but not so far.

Of course, if have time or chance, I would like to see, yeah.


Q.  What could you improve on today?  Are there aspects of your game that you think you could improve on?
LI NA:  Maybe more come to the net, yeah.


Q.  You've played so consistently here over the years.  Do you have certainly ritual routines that you follow in Melbourne, like stay in the same place, eat in the same restaurants?  Is there something you're superstitious?
LI NA:  I stay in the Crown.  Yeah, they always give me the same room.  How you say, I'm not really special for that.  I was like, how you say, follow my feeling.

Like today, if I want to go Italia, I go Italia.  If I want to go Chinese, I go Chinese.

Before the match, not today, maybe like tomorrow night, we always have whole team have dinner together, yeah.


Q.  Did you eat Italian food before playing Pennetta?
LI NA:  I'm not eat pasta before the match because I didn't want my legs feeling like pasta (laughter).

No, just to see the time.  If I will play second match, I will eat pasta.  If I play second match, too short, so I just eat sandwich before the match.


Q.  What was your reaction when you saw Serena lose the other day?
LI NA:  I think everyone can lose the match, you know.  She also is normal.  Maybe the day she not feeling well.  So, of course, was a little bit, how you say, special, not special, because she lose early.

But for me, everyone can beat everyone in big tournament.


Q.  Did you get a feeling that maybe your draw opened up a little bit because you might not have to play her in the semis?
LI NA:  Yeah, when I think about that, I always lose next day.  So, you know, for me, I just like, Okay, because she's not my next opponent, so I just say, You just follow what you should do.


Q.  Can you talk possibly playing Ivanovic if she wins, what you would prepare for differently.
LI NA:  Uhm, I think she has a huge, big forehand, of course.  So, yeah, I have to (indiscernible) on that to prepare for the game plan.  Yeah, at least tomorrow I have day off.  Can talk with Carlos, can talk with the team and prepare for next round.

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