Zsombor Piros 28-01-17

Zsombor Piros def Yshai Oliel 4-6 6-4 6-3

Zsombor Piros, SF, Show Court 3, 27 January 2017
Photo by: Luke Hemer/Tennis Australia

Q. That's quite the magic trick?
ZSOMBOR PIROS: Maybe, yes.

Q. Come back from one set down. Talk a little bit about that.
ZSOMBOR PIROS: Yes, I was down one set to love. He was leading in the whole set. It was, yeah, 6-4.

I was in trouble, I know that. I just thinking about how I get back. My serve is not working, like, during the week. It doesn't come during the match. It was simply bad.

I think it was my best match mentally. I was focused all the match. That's why I won, I think.

Q. What does it feel like to be a Grand Slam champion?
ZSOMBOR PIROS: I don't know yet because I'm not realized. Maybe it need time. I need time to realize that.

I was be honest. After the first set, I lost my believe a little bit. So, yeah. It was my first one, first main draw won in the Grand Slam. I still surprise myself with this win.

Q. The decisive break was in the third set, at 3-2.
ZSOMBOR PIROS: Yeah, 3-2 I break him.

Q. What happened in that game?
ZSOMBOR PIROS: Whew, I don't know. I don't play good shots. I think today he was better. I will be honest. He was the attacker like most the time. I was the defender a few times.

He missed that, I think. I tried to do pressure on him and make good returns. I think that was my best return game, yeah. I think he just realized that I'm closer to the win, and that's why he just thinking about that. I think he was nervous.

Q. He had a lot of fans out there. Did that make you nervous?
ZSOMBOR PIROS: Some people said it's, like, not good for him because he can't concentrate during the match. But I felt really excited. It helped me a lot, so very, very lot.

Q. How will you celebrate?
ZSOMBOR PIROS: I don't know because I will go to the Davis Cup like a junior player. I don't play, but I will celebrate on the Davis Cup.

Q. Where is that?
ZSOMBOR PIROS: Czech Republic [sic]. Bratislava.

Q. Have you checked your phone to see who has sent messages to you?
ZSOMBOR PIROS: No. I will switch, like, in half hour, yeah.

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