DateSessionGates OpenStart TimeRound
Rod Laver ArenaMargaret Court ArenaOutside Courts + Hisense Arena
Wed 13DAY9.30am10.00am
Thu 14DAY9.30am10.00am
Fri 15DAY9.30am10.00am
Sat 16DAY8.00am12.00pm12.30pmKids Tennis Day
Sun 17DAYn/a
Mon 18DAY10.00am11.00am11:00am11.00amFirst Round
NIGHT5.00pm7.00pm7:00pmFirst Round
Tue 19DAY10.00am11.00am11:00am11.00amFirst Round
NIGHT5.00pm7.00pm7:00pmFirst Round
Wed 20DAY10.00am11.00am11:00am11.00amSecond Round
NIGHT5.00pm7.00pm7:00pmSecond Round
Thu 21DAY10.00am11.00am11:00am11.00amSecond Round
NIGHT5.00pm7.00pm7:00pmSecond Round
Fri 22DAY10.00am11.00am11:00am11.00amThird Round
NIGHT5.00pm7.00pm7:00pmThird Round
Sat 23DAY10.00am11.00am11:00am11.00amThird Round
NIGHT5.00pm7.00pm7:00pmThird Round
Sun 24DAY10.00am11.00am11:00am11.00amFourth Round
NIGHT5.00pm7.00pmFourth Round
Mon 25DAY10.00am11.00am11:00am11.00amFourth Round
NIGHT5.00pm7.00pmFourth Round
Tue 26DAY10.00am11.00am11:00am11.00amQuarterfinals
NIGHT5.00pm6.40pmHall of Fame induction
Wed 27DAY10.00am11.00am11.00amQuarterfinals
Thu 28DAY10.00am11.00am 11.00am(Match - TBA)
Not before 1.30pmWomen’s Singles Semifinal
Followed byWomen’s Singles Semifinal
NIGHT5.00pm7.30pmMen’s Singles Semifinal
Followed by**"Magic Moments" Exhibition Match
Fri 29-TWILIGHT2.00pm3.00pm 3.00pmMixed Doubles Semifinal
not before 4.00pmWomen’s Doubles Final
not before 7.30pmMen's Singles Semifinal
Sat 30TWILIGHT12.00pm1.00pm 1.00pmGirls' Singles Final
Followed byBoys' Singles Final
7.00pm*Pre-final entertainment
7.30pmWomen’s Singles Final
followed byMen's Doubles Final
Sun 31TWILIGHT3.00pm4.00pmMixed Doubles Final
7.00pmPre-final entertainment
7.30pmMen’s Singles Final

*Magic Moments exhibition match may move to day session.

Please note: this schedule and format is provisional and is subject to alteration without notice (for example, the starting time may change if extreme heat is forecasted or the tournament is behind schedule).

Junior matches on outside courts Saturday 23 January onwards, may start up to one hour earlier than above stated outside court start time.

Singles events quarterfinal matches are proposed to be scheduled on Tuesday 26 January and Wednesday 27 January.

For the night session, Rod Laver Arena and Margaret Court Arena doors will not be opened for patron access before 6:30 pm for 7:00 pm sessions, and 7:00 pm for 7:30 pm sessions, or less than 30 minutes after the conclusion of the day session, whichever is later.